When to Choose a Dedicated Server

When To Choose A Dedicated Server

What is a dedicated server?

A dedicated server. Also called a bare metal server, is a physical server that is used to host the services and applications of a single hosting client.

This means that if you host your site on a dedicated server. Your site will be capable of utilizing all the resources that the server has to provide. You would not have to share the CPU, RAM, storage, or other server resources with other organizations.

Dedicated servers are the top type of servers for businesses that largely depend on their site or web application.

When choosing a dedicated server

There are key reasons you might choose to invest in a dedicated server:

Large sites or applications

Dedicated server resources provide a top level of performance and accessibility for sites and web applications. Especially when they become too big for shared or cloud server resources

Bare-metal servers provide these big sites or an application with significantly lower load times matched to shared resources. These bigger sites or applications cannot afford to experience longer load times or problems with availability or uptime. Shared resources can lead to these problems.

Large storage capacity

Dedicated servers provide the tenant with a hundred percent capacity and the capability to customize the solution as required. This means that they provide the potential for big storage capacities. Providing the tenant with the storage space required for large databases and applications.

Shared resources generally have storage space limitations. Since the resources are shared among multiple tenants, these can be rejected through single-tenant occupancy.

Distinct IP address

Each server comes with a distinctly special IP address. With shared hosting, where you are sharing resources means sharing your IP address also with different websites. In such a case, if one of your neighboring websites is an adult or spam website, then it will affect your website ranking.

With the best-dedicated server, you have an isolated hosting atmosphere. This makes sure the special IP address on which you can host your website. This must play a more important role when running a big website such as a Gaming site. The e-commerce site, and online portal for which SSL is the top priority.

Full administrative control

Whereas with a dedicated server, you can install the security protocols, and custom applications, scale up resources, and configure a server. Upgrade your plans,  customize packages, and add another server, etc, and much more of that. You can even check your website statistics via a control panel. Also, you can employ any applications or programs you want for your website. That is why it is one of the top advantages of using a dedicated server.

Easier to scale

Dedicated servers permit you to completely customize your server’s configurations. And include more applications and services as your business is growing.

With dedicated server hosting, scaling your server’s performance is simple as 1-2-3. All you have to do is request a hardware upgrade.

End words

A dedicated server is not for every person. But, it is required for big corporations that mostly come under the following categories:

·   Involve confidential financial data

· High-traffic site

· Famous streaming/gaming platform

· Platforms with the use of big complex algorithms & require big data

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